Part 8 - Qmailadmin
Qmailadmin is going to provide us with a nice web based interface for administering mail accounts once they are setup through Vpopmail (or Vqadmin). From Qmailadmin we can create mailboxes, aliases, fowards, mail robots, mailing lists. You'll also find a few other handy functions as well. Qmailadmin is sort of the icing on the Qmail cake.

Let's install it...
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cd /downloads/qmailrocks

tar zxvf qmailadmin-1.2.9.tar.gz

cd qmailadmin-1.2.9

./configure --enable-cgibindir=/home/local/cgi-bin --enable-htmldir=/home/local

note: The paths in the above configure script will need to be custom tailored to your systems configuration

make && make install-strip

That's it! Now browse to and you should see the login screen. Login with the postmaster account and password for the domain that you created a while back using Vqadmin. Pretty cool, isn't it? Go ahead and create some additional mailboxes for your domain(s).

If you didn't get any errors, Qmailadmin should be all set!

note: if it's late and you're looking for a place to stop so you can sleep, this is a good place. Sendmail should still be handling mail on the server. After this page it's Qmail or bust!

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