Part 1 - Download the Software
The first thing you'll need to do to get started is to download all the needed software packages for the entire qmail installation process. To make things easier for everyone, I've combined all the needed packages into 1 giant tarball (.tar.gz) bundle that you can download in one easy step. Most of the included packages are the latest versions as of March, 2005 (there are a few intentional exceptions) and I will make efforts keep the software bundle up to date as new versions are released. If your going to be using the Qmailrocks installation guide to install qmail, I would strongly reccomend that you download my software bundle. I've included several ready-made scripts and so forth, so everything will make more sense if you're on the same page as I am when going through the install.

So let's start the installation by getting the needed software. You will notice that below I create a new directory called /downloads and I place the Qmailrocks tarball in that directory before unpacking it. I would strongly reccomend you do this as the rest of the instructions on this site are geared toward this source directory structure. Anyway, lets get down to business.

mkdir /downloads

cd /downloads

Now download the software bundle. The command below will download the bundle from the main server in Texas, USA.


Once you've downloaded qmailrocks-slack.tar.gz, were going to place in a directory called "downloads" and then unpack it...

tar zxvf qmailrocks-slack.tar.gz

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